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Fantastic 12 Month Desktop Calendars with the ability to go forward or backwards not only through the months, but also through the years, are made to coordinate with many of our Stationery Designs.  Click on the word DOWNLOAD to download, then double click to install.  They will self-install into your C:/program files/common files/microsoft shared/stationery folder, inside a new folder named after the calendar.  Open that folder and double click on the icon that looks like the Sun.  It's called simply Calendar.exe  Your new calendar will appear on your desktop and you can resize it, and move it to whatever position you want!

To download and install the Stationery files, click on the word DOWNLOAD and un-zip it according to the directions on my Instructions Page.    Choose the EXE format to have the files automatically install to the correct folder.

If you have any problems, please let me know....I'm always happy to help!
   "Klassic Sports" Calendar by Carol's Creations        DOWNLOAD   

Lots more Sports designs on Pages 1 and 2.
"Bowling Patch" by Carol's Creations "Bowling" by Carol's Creations
DOWNLOAD          PREVIEW         EXE DOWNLOAD          PREVIEW         EXE
"Just Do It" by Marco  
DOWNLOAD                EXE


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