Greetings Collection

This collection features graphics that are larger than a Signature Tag, and are easy to insert into Email, these greetings will brighten anyone's day, just like sending a Greeting Card, only easier.

Click on any thumbnail to be directed to a new page with the full size image.  Then just Right Click  and choose Save Picture As.  Save the image to a folder of your choice, I made a folder INSIDE my stationery folder for all my Greetings.  When you're ready to use a Greeting, in Outlook Express click on the NEW MESSAGE button. Compose your message as usual, you can use Stationery if you want, just follow the normal process for picking stationery as demonstrated in the STATIONERY INSTRUCTIONS tutorial.  When you're done with your message click on INSERT, and from the drop down list choose Picture, From File.  Move to the folder where you saved your Greetings.  Just click on the name of the image you want, click OK, and it will appear in your regular e-mail message.

If you have any problems, please let me know....I'm always happy to help!  



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