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My Designs section features Free Stationery for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express,

Netscape E-Mail, Desktop Calendars and Themes, and my original Background Tiles suitable for use as Web Page backgrounds, E-Mail background, or for your desktop printing needs.  There are over 3000 Different Stationery designs available, and new ones added each week.  My Stationery partner Carol has contributed hundreds of lovely designs in all our collections.




Meet the person behind these pages, take a look at my " Disney World Vacations" , my "Pets" and my "Home" virtual photo albums.  You can also access the web site dedicated to the "Breakaway" band.


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12/22/07 Added designs to nearly all collections.

07/09/07 Added new designs to nearly all collections.

12/16/2006 Added new Christmas and New Years designs, also Animals, Angels & Fairies, Birthday, Sea, and Flowers.

9/30/2006 Added to Angels & Fairies, Cats, All Occasion, Western, Scenic, Sea, Still Life Flowers, Birds/Bees/Butterflies, Cartoon Favorites, Simple, Small Talk, Bears, Friendship/Thinking Of You, Home and Garden, Fall,  and Halloween Collections.

8/26/2006 Added to Angels & Fairies, Animals, Birthday, Children, Cats, All Occasion, Wildlife, Scenic, Flowers, Still Life Flowers, Get Well, Birds/Bees/Butterflies, Cartoon Favorites, Terrific Tiles Collections.

07/02/2006 Added to Patriotic, Western, Wildlife, Angels & Fairies, Children and Birthday Collections.

06/04/2006 Added a new Collection, The Sympathy Collection.  Added designs to Animals, Dogs, Birds/Bees/Butterflies, Birthday, Patriotic, Miscellaneous, Children, Cartoon Favorites, Wildlife, Still Life Flowers and Bears.

04/08/2006 Added new designs to Animals, Dogs, Scenic, Sea, Western, Easter, Friendship/Thinking Of You.

03/20/2006 Added new designs to Animals, Birthday, Western, St. Patiricks, and Thank You / Congratulations.

02/12/2006 Added new designs to Valentines, Birthday, Anniversary/Love, and Sea Collections.

01/29/2006 Added new designs to Animals, Birthday, Miscellaneous, Angels & Fairies, Thinking of You / Friendship, Victorian and Valentines Collections.

12/14/2005 Added new designs to Christmas, Angels, Birthday, Western,

11/18/2005 Added new designs to Animals, Angels, Birthday, Cats, Children, Cartoon Favorites, Love & Anniversary, Victorian, Western, Humor Expressions. Added a new Miscellaneous Collection.

10/23/2005  Added new designs to Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Sea, Western, Animals

03/14/2005 Added  new Saint Patrick's designs, Easter designs and Fairies.

02/05/2005 Added Valentine's, Winter, Thinking of You / Friendship, Scenic and Mother's Day designs.

10/19/04 Added designs for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Angels, Baby, Child, Cartoon Favorites, Scenic, Terrific Tiles, Western, Real Flowers, Bears, Cats, Greetings, Patriotic, Small Talk collections.

4-4-04 Added designs for Easter.

3/14/04 Added new designs to St. Patrick's, Signature Tags, Cats and Birds/Bees/Butterflies.

3/6/04 New designs added to Terrific Tiles, Easter, Cats, Dogs, Children, Birthday, Birds/Bees/Butterflies, Scenic, Winter, Bears, Western, Victorian, Signature Tags, Backgrounds, Animals, Small Talk, Flowers, Cartoon Favorites, Sports, St. Patrick's, and Friendship/Thinking of You.

01/27/04 New designs added to Terrific Tiles, Valentine's, Angels, Cats, Children, Anniversary and new Signature Tags.


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